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John Day Songwriter

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It was back in the winter of 1987 roughly 25 years ago, I was having a restless night with the radio volume down low. It just dawned on me, with the simplicity of some of the songs I was listening to, that I could do something like what I was hearing and be successful at it.

I knew what I was trying to do would be a big challenge, and it would take the next 25 years to hone my skills to something like what standard I’m at now.

It’s definitely a creative skill, songwriting. You would be relaxing or travelling somewhere and then out of the blue a title would leap at you and I think getting the idea is the key to forming a song or lyric.

Obviously the next thing is a story to my lyric and to tailor make it to the younger generation who buy or download music.

Thanks for looking in and I hope you’ll enjoy my songs and especially my Song Videos and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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